Tuesday, October 1, 2013


you know how you swear you are gonna start something, and you are gonna keep at it? yeah, that was me when i started this blog. but with recent events, it's not that i'm overly depressed or anything, but it's been difficult for me to get by on a daily basis. the only way i do what i do is because of my beautiful children, who both alleviate and add to my stress (depends on the day) lol. so how are things at our house?

well, Sean got all of his ducks in a row so we wouldn't have to worry about another meltdown. he really has been doing amazing, and i don't thank him enough for that. also, we had some issues pop up because i am not the best at cleaning things when messes get really big. so all the tons of boxes sitting around since we moved in seemed a little overwhelming to me, and i never did anything with them, and the house just got terrible. Sean stepped in, saying these issues would not tear our family apart, and he bent over backwards getting the house together. again, i may not be the best at expressing things, but i really am grateful that he helped me get things straitened up.

jaina will be turning three on thanksgiving. if all goes well, i will start school in january. the october program was cancelled because there was only one person signed up.

also in recent news, my grandmother passed away on sunday. but more about that later.

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