Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Learning More, Loving Life

So, yesterday I wrote this big story about what makes me, well, me. Mama Sandy, my birth mom, read the story and looked at some of those spots I was fuzzy about details or had gotten second hand. Here's the updated scoop;

I had been told Sandy didn't hold me much if at all when I was born. She explained that she didn't want to nurse me, and avoided bottle feeding me even, but the nurse convinced her to do this so that I would recognize her later in life when we met. Otherwise, Sandy did hold me in the hospital. 

Also, I got some more clarification on the whole work thing. Pastor Baile was working at the Free Methodist HQ, and was Sandy's boss. He had talked to Grandma and called Pastor Steve Borwick, who was at his old church in Waukegan, and that was how Leon and Judy got picked out as my Mom and Dad. Pastor Baile, I guess, wanted to tell Sandy to pick them, but left it to God's hands and gave three names to my Grandma. Betty called these families, and after talking to Sandy about them they picked out the Grubb's. 

And finally, Mama Sandy explained to me something I had heard bits and pieces of, but never fully realized. It seems that the doctors didn't think I would survive, and that Sandy's health was at risk. For these reasons, they encouraged the abortion. Sandy refused, and they monitored her weekly throughout the pregnancy. The first week of January 1990, she was sent to her OBGYN doctor, and they prepared for my birth.

So there are some of the clarifications of my story. 

Maybe someday I'll write a book about my adoption story lol. 

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