Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Slowing Down

Well, it is officially the day after April Fools Day 2013. So everything written here is accurate. LOL

But no seriously.

Saturday was the last performance for this year's Passion Play. It was sad for it to end, we had such great times. Sunday was Easter, and we spent it with my parents. This Thursday we will head up to visit Oma and Tanta Ruth (and Opa, if he gets home from work early) after a few weeks of not seeing them. I was fired from my job, so I will be looking for work again soon. Also, getting aggressive in some other goals; looking for a time when I can Skype with my man Doug about setting up a video shoot, so that when I audition for big competitions I have something to show. Stemming from this will be my audition for The Voice, which we will talk about in another post later. And as we finish filing this year's taxes, I will be filling out forms for FAFSA so I can get into school this Fall, if all goes well. Either The Salon Professional Academy for Cosmetology, or CLC, or a little of both. We shall see.

It's early in the morning, like 12:07am, so I'm heading to bed. Talk to you tomorrow.

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